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Digital Nomad Visa

19 October, 2022

Since 2019, several European countries have been creating special visas for remote workers, such as: Spain, Italy and Hungary. Now Portugal, through the entry into force of Law 18/2022, which amends the legal regime for the entry, stay, departure and removal of foreigners from the national territory, already duly published in the Official Gazette, is creating a visa for these Digital Nomads who intend to live in our country.

With a view to simplifying entry into Portugal for citizens wishing to perform a remote activity in the country, article 62-A of Law 18/2022 establishes that subordinate workers and independent professionals may be granted a residence visa for the exercise of professional activity provided remotely, to companies domiciled or headquartered outside the national territory.

It is a visa specifically aimed at foreign professionals who provide their services remotely, either as subordinate workers or as independent workers. When requested, it requires evidence of contractual relationship or provision of services (depending on the case), initially this visa is valid for two entries into Portuguese territory. The temporary stay and/or residence visa for Digital Nomads allows entry and stay in national territory for a period of less than one year or even the establishment of residence in Portugal, in accordance with paragraph i), paragraph 1 of Article 54 of the Law 18/2022.

Since the proof of sufficient means of subsistence is a condition for entering and staying in the national territory, the Portuguese Government requires that the visa application is accompanied by documents attesting the applicant’s fiscal residence, as well as the necessary documents that prove the average monthly earnings in the last three months of a minimum value equivalent to four guaranteed minimum monthly earnings (Portugal).

This temporary stay or residency visa for digital nomads can start to be requested from the 30th of October, at the Portuguese consulates or at the Foreigners and Borders Service.

In order to obtain a residence permit, self-employed workers will have to submit documents “attesting the tax residency”, as well as proof that their average monthly income in the last three months, greater than four Portuguese minimum wages: that is, a salary of about of € 2,820. In the case of working remotely for a company, the rules are the same, but they can still present the employment contract or a statement from the employer proving the employment relationship.

In terms of instruction and general documentation:

  • valid passport;
  • application in its own model;
  • travel insurance;
  • request for consultation of the Portuguese criminal record by the Foreigners and Borders Service;
  • criminal record certificates from your country of nationality and official residence.

In addition to these basic identification and security documents, the applicant must show means of subsistence, as mentioned. Depending on the type of work, different documents can attest this fact. Accommodation conditions during the stay in Portugal must also be provided, suitable for its duration and purpose (more or less temporary).

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